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The Power of the Facebook!

Facebook is just amazing, right? Probably the best way to kill a few hours and waste some time, ever created in the history of mankind!

On a more serious note, Facebook is also a wonderful way of promoting businesses, organizations, brands, products, services and even your own self. There are close to a billion users on Facebook now, with almost half of them being active Facebook users! That means that Facebook is one of the biggest markets ever, and one of the biggest virtual marketplaces of our times. And marketing your brand on Facebook is as simple as creating a ‘page’ and have people ‘like’ it.

Currently, if widespread statistics are to be believed, there are close to 40 million unique Facebook pages on Facebook, and the number is growing exponentially. People, and especially marketers, have realized the power and true potential of Facebook. Brands and companies – large and small; multinationals and conglomerates; startups, entrepreneurial ventures and online setups – all have presence on Facebook. They have engaged with their customers, consumers and potential clientele through this medium.

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages, like Facebook’s other services, are free to create, and can be done by anyone. Above all, Facebook pages are search-engine friendly, and are indexed by Google and other search engines, and hence can be seen in search results by Facebook and non-Facebook users alike.

Creating the page is easy; getting more likes is anything but! To create a page, simply sign up on, create a page, fill in information regarding your business and voila, you’re done! Your page will be up and running in close to no time, and all you’ll need to then do is customize is according to your liking, add pictures, images, videos, a custom landing page and start adding updates and content.

And finally, all you’ll have to do is spread the word and get more likes. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done!

Getting more people to ‘like’ your page or ‘become a fan’ or can be a tricky process. It actually reminds me of people trying to get more traffic on their blogs: it can be a painfully slow and frustrating process, especially initially. You could put all the content in the world on your page, but it won’t really matter one bit if there’s no one on your page to see it.

Here’s how you can jumpstart your Facebook page by getting more likes easily.

Getting More ‘Likes’:

  1. Get the word out, for free. Promote your page just like you would promote your website or blog. Post the link on your own FB profile, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and any of the other social networks you’re on, and ask your friends, colleagues and peers to plug your page on their profiles. Suggest your page to your friends, via the control panel. Tag other pages or friends (using @) in your updates. In addition, get in touch with other related page or group owners/admins and ask them to plug your page by sending their fans an update with a link to your page.
  2. Get the word out, using a Facebook ‘Like Box’. Installing a ‘Like Box’ on your website is as simple is inserting a few lines of HTML in your blog. Doing so puts a Facebook page box, linked of course to your page, directly on your website’s homepage, and hence greatly enhances the visibility of your page. Visitors can even ‘like’ the page without ever leaving your blog.
  3. Get the word out, using money. Purchase advertisement space from Facebook (this can be done from within your FB page options). Ads can be cheap or expensive, depending on the plan you choose. You could ask people with a high Social Networking Potential or SNP (like Youtube celebrities, for instance) to plug your page on their videos and profiles. Or even buy likes using services such as these. Alternatively, use traditional media like newspaper adverts, TV or radio commercials, outdoor advertising (billboards) and the like to promote your page. Just keep a watch out on your budget.
  4. Update your page regularly. Like a website, make sure you update your Facebook page regularly by posting ‘updates’ frequently and on a regular basis. This could be an update about a new product (or even an old one) or a service you’re offering, a special promotion, discount, an interview, a video clip or an image .. anything. The sky’s the limit here! Don’t overdo this, as posting an update too frequently can be annoying, and can have people ‘dislike’ your page instead.
  5. Quality updates are important. Facebook backlinking is an important tool as well. If you’re putting up quality content on your Facebook pages and sending out valuable updates, it is likely that people, individuals, and other pages will ‘share’ your content with their friends, subscribers, and fans. Which will automatically get you more traffic and likes on your page.
  6. Offer an incentive to people who like your page: give them a discount (‘liking’ your page reveals a coupon!), an exclusive sneak peak at a product or an exclusive behind-the-scenes video or pictures, bonus content, expansion or an upgrade or anything valuable that would urge them to like your page. Alternatively, run a ‘fans only’ contest or promotion from time to time.
  7. Add a like box to your blog. Whenever someone reads your posts and ‘likes’ it through this button, you’re actually converting visitors into fans and pressing like also automatically posts the action (with your post link) to their newsfeed.
  8. Connecting your page to Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, etc. Doing this, every time you post an update on yoru Facebook page, it will automatically also get sent out to any other linked networks and accounts and to your followers there.
  9. Add the link to your page on your business card, your products, publications, shirts, caps or any other product or merchandise you produce or selll. Also add the link to your email signature. Make sure you’ve created a vanity URL for your page for this purpose (, which will be easier to put up.
  10. Comment on other blogs, with the link to your FB page. Write on other Facebook pages and groups whilst logged into Facebook via your page account. Backlink your page just like you would do with your blog!
  11. Viral marketing! Go viral. Do something outrageous, or funny, or controversial. Make a video of it and post it on your page.
  12. Finally, get your basics straight! Make sure your page has a proper, grammatically-correct name and all content follows the same principle.

Stats are Important!

Every FB page comes with Insight, a tool to keep a track of your page’s visibility, reach, likes, people talking about it, demographics, and many other statistics. It is like Google Analytics of Facebook. These stats and metrics will help you look at trends and consumption of content, allowing you to tailor your strategy accordingly. Keep an eye out on those statistics!

Have your say. Do leave your comments and feedback in the comments section below. Oh and don’t forget to ‘like’ this post and share it with your Facebook friends as well!

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